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Bacana Beach offers both year-round club volleyball and summer/fall training programs. There is a program for everyone!

Fall Training Program (August 14th – October 30th)

Bacana Beach will be offering a fall training program starting in August and will run through the end of October.  This is a great way for athletes (boys and girls) of all levels to come and enhance their beach volleyball game.

Training groups will include a mixture of drills and competition designed to help each athlete progress in their beach game.  Please note that Bacana Beach coaches will utilize this opportunity to evaluate each athlete and determine offers for our year-round program.  For those not participating in our fall program, we will be hosting tryouts later in the fall.  More info to come.


Training Time:

Sundays (August 14th – October 30th) from 5:00-7:00 pm – located at the Umstead Park in Chapel Hill, NC.



6 Sessions – $120

12 Sessions – $240

Individual drop ins – $20



To secure your spot, email me at:  [email protected]


Year Round Club Tryouts – Registration Open

Athletes will be evaluated and considered for one of our year round teams by attending our Fall Training Program on Sunday evenings during August and October (See Fall Training info above).

For athletes who are unable to attend evaluations during our Fall Training Program, additional tryout options will be held on October 30th from 5:00 – 7:00.  If you are unable to attend either session, contact Coach Latacha directly.

Bacana Beach fully supports athlete’s decisions to compete both indoor and outdoor and will encourage and support them in pursuing both if that is their choice.  Coaches will work around indoor schedules and offer both part and full time opportunities to all athletes.


Registration For Year Round Tryouts