Bacana represents a culture of happiness, excitement, growth, and endless opportunities. At Bacana Beach we promote an atmosphere where athletes are encouraged to embrace and pursue their love for their beach game, while providing enhanced training to help indoor athletes strengthen their game. At Bacana Beach Volleyball Club, all athletes, from beginning to elite level, are valued and trained to reach their highest potential giving them opportunities to take their game to the next level.

What Does It Mean?
Bacana is a Brazilian term that describes and represents everything that we love most about the beach game.

“When I think of beach volleyball,” says Coach Latacha, “it is the escape from the intense indoor volleyball world. Beach ball is a place to take the love of the game outside where competition is strong and the atmosphere is inviting. Beach volleyball is a place to feel the sun, see the blue skies, hear the music, have your toes in the sand, see the ocean from the courts, and play the game you love most while having FUN.”

The Brazilian Flag
The colors of the Bacana Beach brand draw inspiration from the flag of Brazil. Blue represents blue skies and ocean views. Yellow represents gold and at Bacana Beach we are inspired by Jim Afremow, author of The Champion’s Mind who says, “Think Gold and Never Settle For Silver.” Green represents balance, energy, growth and limitless opportunities.